The Internet is full of online gambling sites. For a player with poor or no experience, it is complicated to select a platform that will not only ensure exciting gameplay but is also trustworthy and honest. So, Root Casino has decided to do the homework for you. We have tested hundreds of UAE gambling sites and thousands of games they offer to select the best options for you to present at root casino ae.

We have focused on the UAE casino sites. Thus, if you are interested in playing games from this country, check out the suggested casino sites selected by our gambling experts. Read on the review to find out more about the process of choosing the best online casinos 2021.

Best online Casino Guide - Root Casino UAE

The field of gambling is full of scams and dishonest platforms that lure players’ money and provide nothing in return. Root Casino is a site that strives to provide users with honest and unbiased information on UAE casinos. Here are the main aspects to know about our platform.

Who Works at Root Casino

Our platform has gathered experienced players and gambling experts who know how a reliable and top-notch online casino in Dubai should be. Therefore, only the best online casino sites UAE are included on the lists of Root Casino.

How the Selection Takes Place

It is impossible to make any conclusions about an online casino unless you play in it for real money. Thus, our staff signs up on a site under investigation, deposits money, and plays. Only in such a way it is possible to determine all the pros and cons of a gambling online platform.

What Features We Take Into Account

To rate gambling online sites, our team pays attention to the following checkpoints:

  • Licenses and legal activity;
  • Availability of bonuses for sign-up or referral of a friend;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Casino software;
  • Variety of games;
  • Transparency of policies;
  • Payout rates, etc.

As you can see, it takes a considerable amount of time for the Root Casino team to evaluate every online casino before we decide to include it on our list of online casinos.

Online Сasino in UAE

The matter of selecting an online casino UAE platform is even more crucial than the choice of one of the land-based casinos. If you do not want to get bumps and bruises in the process of choosing a casino site to gamble at, stick to the list of online casinos we have prepared for you. To understand which of the offered platforms meet your expectations, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Gambling experience: it is one of the most decisive factors when choosing an online casino. If you are a beginner, it is necessary to pay attention to sites that offer numerous online slots. In general, they are recommended to players with no experience because the rules are easy, and these games require no skills.
  • Convenient payment methods: our team evaluates the possible options in general, as well as their safety. As a player, you need to make sure that a site offers the method you prefer. Besides, read the terms and policies carefully to understand what to expect from a particular online casino in Dubai.
  • Compatibility with your device: how do you plan to play? In an online mode? Would you like to download casino software? Check what the platform offers and which options are perfect for you. Our staff evaluates the cross-platform compatibility of casino sites because it is a significant aspect. Just make sure your device is suitable to play at an online casino under evaluation.

Online Casinos Advantages

The reason why Internet gambling sites have become so popular is that they offer much more benefits in comparison to land-based establishments. Here are the main ones.

Accessibility to Anyone

It is necessary to book airline tickets, take care of the transfer from the airport to the hotel, pay for a couple of days in a hotel, and foresee plenty of other expenses on nutrition and drinks to play casino games at real establishments. And this amount does not even include the bets you will make at a casino. If you select an online casino, all you need is an Internet-connected device, and you already have it for sure. So, to enjoy the thrill of gambling, you only need to select an online casino site and choose a game.

A Wider Range of Games

When you arrive at a real casino, you are restricted in choosing a game offered at this particular establishment. Quite rarely, players move from one casino to another, searching for a game to their liking. While on the Internet, there are no inconveniences related to opting for a favorite game or the best casino in Dubai.

Live Dealer Options

For those who are fond of the environment inside a land-based casino, there are live dealer games that have a croupier. In this way, experience at an online casino does not differ from experience at a land-based establishment. So, if you appreciate the possibility of communication with a casino representative, live dealer games are for you.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino: Tips from Root Casino

The process of selecting an online casino is scrupulous. If you are a beginner in gambling in UAE, we strongly recommend you to choose a gaming platform from the options we have listed. They are carefully analyzed and selected by experts in the niche. If you have at least any experience, and you are looking for something new to try in 2021, here are the top recommendations from Root Casino experts.

Interface & Site Design

A reliable gambling platform values every client. Therefore, the owners of this casino are ready to invest a lot of money in the development of a site that will be user-friendly and convenient. So, you need to spend some time on it. Click different tabs, check what information you can find on the site. How long does it take to find the data you are interested in? Are you satisfied with the amount of available information? Does the site load fast? All these aspects are crucial. So, pay attention to them. The more you enjoy using the site of a casino, the higher are the chances that this platform can be trusted.

Mobile Compatibility

Even if you are not looking for a mobile casino in the United Arab Emirates, the compatibility of a platform with mobile devices is essential. First of all, it is crucial for the site ranking. And a casino that wants to be successful in the future should invest in the development of a mobile app or site with adaptive design. Besides, in the future, you may want to play from your smartphone. And knowing a site compatible with mobile devices will facilitate the process.

Software Brands

If you have at least any gambling experience, you already know the brands of the leading developers in the niche. So, it is better to select an online casino that offers games from world-renowned manufacturers. Only in this way will you ensure exciting gameplay and thrill from gambling. If some names are unknown, take your time to make your investigation on the Internet. Luckily, it is quite complicated to hide anything nowadays.

Customer Support

The next crucial step is the way a casino handles questions and requests from players. Check contact details provided on the site and possible ways to get in touch with the casino support team. How long does it take to get a response? How patient and polite are they? Do they reply in the language you have sent your question in? All these are essential aspects you need to take into account. Professional communication is not a great benefit of a casino — it is a must in 2021. Do not agree on anything that does not meet these criteria.

Onine Casino Payment Methods

Playing at online casinos, gamblers are most concerned about the safety and security of their sensitive financial information. No wonder almost anyone has at least once come across a swindler on the Internet. Therefore, it is so crucial to make sure that an online casino you will gamble at uses safe payment systems.

The majority of online casinos accept credit and debit cards. However, not all the players are ready to use them. Therefore, an alternative option is to create an e-wallet specifically for gambling or select a cryptocurrency casino. In the latter case, players and their money are 100% protected.

While from our side, we have selected casinos that offer secure payment methods, as a player, you need to decide which of the depositing and, no less importantly, withdrawal methods are convenient to you. Therefore, study this information carefully and check the setting of your bank, e-wallet, or crypto-wallet account to make sure that there will be no restrictions in the process of depositing and withdrawing the money.

The field of gambling is quite controversial in terms of its legality in many countries, not only the UAE. While gambling entertainment in the United Arab Emirates is controlled by the law and not allowed, every person should decide on one’s own. If you are still ready to gamble, it is necessary to take care of anonymity when making financial transactions (this is why Root Casino pays so much attention to the matter of available payment options).

Besides, it is necessary to select sites that utilize SSL encryption and the strictest data protection and privacy policies to safeguard players who have decided to play.

Online Casino FAQ

We have tried to inform you of the whole process of selecting online casino sites by the experts of Root Casino. But online gambling in UAE is a specific niche. Thus, we understand that there can be some questions that have remained unanswered. Here are some of the most common queries from users we have received.

It is not your experience that is decisive but the choice of games. If you are a beginner, start with classic 3-reel slots, while seasoned players can try poker or blackjack. If you have any doubts about your skills, you may also try them in a demo mode. There are casino sites that offer their players to gamble without depositing real money. Thus, you can experience the thrill of playing without risking your wallet.

The question is directly related to the matter of legal gambling in online casinos. It is crucial to select a site that fulfills the requirements of independent regulatory bodies and establishments in the niche. Only a regularly audited site can guarantee that winnings are honest.

However, every player should understand that huge jackpots are rare, and not everyone will be able to hit them. If you have managed to win at least the amount you have deposited — you are a lucky one. You have played at an online casino for free. The best way is to treat online casinos as entertainment for which you pay some money and enjoy the process.

One of the reasons why we have created the Root Casino platform is to protect players from scams and swindlers that have become active in the gambling industry. So, if you play at one of the casino sites we have reviewed and listed, you may have no worries. If you want to decide on your own, use the tips we have provided to you. The Internet is full of information, and it is close to impossible for scam platforms to exist for a long time. So, the selection of a reputable casino with several years of experience is a wise solution. However, it is still crucial to remain attentive and reasonable.